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Help & Info about SnipIT for windows

  • What is SnipIT?

    This is a special tool that allows users to cut text from a page and add it to an email so that they can send it to recipients around the world. the tool is an extension of Windows and can easily be accessed by Windows users.
  • Are There Any Hidden Costs?

    The tool is completely free of charge and is available to users as a free download that is very easy and fast to download and install. Because the tool does not come with many features, there are no hidden costs or add-ons that need to be paid for by users.
  • Do You Have to Register to Use SnipIT?

    People who wish to use SnipIt are not required to complete a registration process or supply any of their personal details. Simply locate the link to download the software and install it and the tool will automatically run in the background when surfing the internet and performing other tasks.
  • Is SnipIt Easy to Use?

    The tool is very easy and intuitive to use, mainly due to the fact that it does not have an interface. Simply download and install the tool and click on the option that appears on your web browser whenever you highlight a portion of text and then right click on the SnipIT option.
  • Does SnipIT Work with Windows 10?

    The tool was created exclusively as an add-on for Windows 7 and works with this operating system. However, Windows 10 users will discover that they already have a similar programme that is installed on their computer and is called Snipping Tool, which they can use in the same way.
  • Is SnipIT Available for the Mac?

    Although this tool was created exclusively to run with Windows, Mac users will find that there are several similar snipping tools that they can use for free. One of the most popular options for the Mac is called Snip and this tool runs efficiently with all versions of iOS.
  • Where Does the Screenshot go on a PC?

    Most PCs come with a special folder that is designated for storing screenshots. To located a saved screenshot, simply go to drive C, open the My Pictures folder and the subsection that is labelled Screenshots.
  • Is There a Mobile Version of SnipIT?

    Because the tool was created for Windows, there is no mobile app available at this time, However, people who are using Android and are searching for a similar tool are sure to find that Snip-It and Snipping Tool are good options, while a number of free snipping tools have been created for iPad and iPhone users.
  • Does SnipIT work with HTML?

    HTML is the main type of data that the tool works with and large sections of HTML data can be cut and pasted very quickly and easily. However, in order to use the snipping tool, users need to be running Windows 7.
  • Who is SnipIT Suitable for?

    People who regularly need to cut text from a webpage or another source and add it to an email are likely to find that this is a very useful tool. This is a good tool for people who send a large number of emails and want to be able to send the same information to different people in their contact list quickly and conveniently.


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